Lewis Noble has lived and worked in Derbyshire since 1996. Over this time he has built a reputation as one of central Englands foremost artists. His focus lies in the physical and emotional impact of the landscape on the senses and, how the experience of being in the landscape affects us as human beings The result is a body of work that speaks to the very heart of what it means to be part of the environment around us. I work using a mixture of watercolour, gouache and acrylic, using the different properties of each to build up a layered surface which can be worked into, scored and worked over. I think of the process of applying, removing and reapplying paint is similar to the way the landscape itself is laid down over time, eroded and rebuilt by natural forces

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Autumn, Dovedal, Chill Wind

mixed media 12 x 14 in. £1150

Autumn, Dovedal, Chill Wind by

Crisp Winter Morning

mixed media 12 x 12 in. £900

Crisp Winter Morning by

Dew Pond, Fallen Leaves

Mixed media 18 x 19 in. £1650

Dew Pond, Fallen Leaves by

Morning, Alston Field

Medium: Mixed media
Price: £550

Morning, Alston Field by

Owler Tor

mixed media 10 x 10 in. £850

Owler Tor by

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