Susan Brown, having completed a foundation course at Huddersfield Polytechnic, graduated from Leeds Polytechnic with a degree in Interior Architecture. Her career path from that time has encompassed design schemes for both commercial and residential projects and included art residencies and many painting exhibitions across a wide range of galleries and art events. The very existence of life, the cycle of growth and decay, the interrelationship and the interdependence of the natural world and mans relationship with the environment are phenomena that hold a fascination for me. The objective of my work, whether painting or designing, has been to explore these ideas. The natural world has complicated form and structure, a set of precedents that create and guide its existence and it is this order that is often echoed in buildings and man made objects. It is the borrowing of formulas from nature and used by man to create his environment that informs my work.

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Bleak Mid Winter

mixed media 10 x 10 in £1200

Bleak Mid Winter by

Darkening Activity

mixed media 10 x 10 in £1200

Darkening Activity by

Detail York Minster II

mixed media 9.75 x 9.75 in £1200

Detail York Minster II by

My Space

mixed media 19¾ x 21½ in £3600

My Space by

Night Fall

mixed media 10 x 10 in £1200

Night Fall by

Small Holding

mixed media 21½ x 21½ in £3600

Small Holding by

St. Helens Square, York

watercolour & mixed media 9½ x 9½ in £1200

St. Helens Square, York by


mixed media 21¼ x 21¼ in £3600

Undergrowth by

Waterfront, the Calls, Leeds

watercolour & mixed media 19½ x 21 in £3500

Waterfront, the Calls, Leeds by

Winter, Queens Hotel, leeds

watercolour & mixed media 19½ x 21 in £3500

Winter, Queens Hotel, leeds by

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