Annie Tempest was born in Zambia in 1959 and moved to the UK with her family in 1962, after which her father inherited the magnificent Broughton Hall in Yorkshire, which was later to become the inspiration for Tottering-by-Gently. At the age of twenty-four, whilst working as a medical secretary, Annie began to teach herself how to draw. This, coupled with a love of cryptic crosswords, combined to sow the seeds of a career as a cartoonist, initially working for the Daily Mail for seven and a half years with a strip called The Yuppies. In 1989 she was voted Strip cartoonist of the year by her peers in the Cartoonists Club of Great Britain. Annie created Tottering-by-Gently and joined Country Life magazine in 1993. Her subtle and humorous depictions of Dicky and Daffy Tottering and their family has expanded into a small empire, both through syndication and licensing, as well as a number of memorable exhibitions abroad in Mexico and New York, but also at The OShea Gallery. In 2009 she won the prestigious Pont Prize for her portrayal of the British Character, the highest accolade in her profession. In 2006 Annie Tempest began developing her skills as a sculptor, initially under the tuition of Ron Spriggs, Life Sculpting Tutor at Wensum Lodge, Norwich. His traditional atelier methods focused her attention on human anatomy, the silhouette and negative space, and this, combined with her line drawing expertise, is evident throughout her work in the flow and artistic licence used in the anatomical rhythms. A chance meeting with Wayne McKinney through The Open Studios 2010 programme in Norfolk put her in touch with someone who not only had the expertise but also the enthusiasm to see her ideas realised. A teacher of bronze casting for over fifteen years, he rose to every challenge that Annie threw at him. He introduced her to James Spedding who runs the forge at Holkham Hall, 2011 winner of the Team Section of the World Forging Championships held in Scia, Italy, who creates the spirals and all the steel work for her pieces. McKinneys Norfolk foundry oversaw every aspect of Annies new sculptures with meticulous attention to detail, employing traditional methods and skills in mould-making through the lost wax process to patination of the bronzes. The emotional roller coaster of Annies life over these years from divorce to the loss of her only son has imbued her work with a powerful sense of rawness. Each piece holds its own intensity, portraying extreme anguish to the heights of hope felt in one of her largest pieces Pursuit of Light.

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Edition of 9 4 x 7½ x 10 £2950

Anguish by


Edition of 9 27½ x 9½ x 5½ in £5950

Breath by

Dancing on the Edge

Edition of 9 21 x 9 x 7 in £4950

Dancing on the Edge by

Free Fall

Edition of 9 25½ x 21½ x 9 in £5795

Free Fall by

Samburu Moran, Beaded Portrait

Edition of 9 11½ x 10½ x 6 in £5950

Samburu Moran, Beaded Portrait by

Samburu Moran, Plain Portrait

Edition of 9 11 x 109 x 6 in £5500

Samburu Moran, Plain Portrait by


Edition of 9 9 x 10½ x 10 in £4950

Silence by


Edition of 9 26¾ x 19¾ x 6½ in £4950

Suspension by

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