Colin Orchard moved to St Ives in 1983 and a year later opened the Walker Galleries Contemporary gallery with a solo show. His evocative, muted, carefully constructed paintings have gained a devoted following. In this show we see this familiar approach; a red umbrella cuts through the grey mizzle, the interior of an art gallery lends form and structure, the life in squares is always at one remove. However, we also see in some of these new paintings, a brightening of the palette, and a sense of engagement that marks an interestingly different artistic direction. Colin has also had solo and mixed exhibitions in many galleries in the UK, including David Messum, Brian Sinfield, Medici Gallery, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions and the RBA annual exhibitions at the Mall Galleries, London. In 2007 he was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists Member of the St Ives Society of Artists Bibliography The Dictionary of British Artists since 1945, by David Buckman The Artist Whos Who in Art St Ives 1975/2005 Art Colony in Transition by Peter Davies Publications Co-author Art About St Ives 2006 Designer/co-publisher Gasworks to Gallery the Story of Tate St IveS

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Hotel Room

oil on board 6 x 6 in £400

Hotel Room by

Hugills in Siena

oil on board 10 x 10 in £800

Hugills in Siena by

Nr. Southwold, Suffolk

oil on board 18 x 18 in £1600

Nr. Southwold, Suffolk by

Pink Hat

oil on board 12 x 12 in £950

Pink Hat by

Red Hat

oil on board 6 x 6 in £400

Red Hat by

Red Umbrella

oil on board 11 x 11 in £850

Red Umbrella by

River Blyth, Suffolk

oil on board 18 x 18 in £1600

River Blyth, Suffolk by

Sunset, West Penwith

oil on board 18 x 18 in £1600

Sunset, West Penwith by

Ted and Louie

oil on board 9 x 9 in £700

Ted and Louie by

Towards Iken Church, Suffolk

oil on board 22 x 22 in £2000

Towards Iken Church, Suffolk by

Venice, Evening Sunlight

oil on board 14 x 14 in £1200

Venice, Evening Sunlight by

Venice, Light and Shadows

oil on board 13 x 13 in £1100

Venice, Light and Shadows by

Venice, Midday Light

oil on board 18 x 18 in £1600

Venice, Midday Light by

Venice, Midday Sunlight

oil on board 10 x 10 in £800

Venice, Midday Sunlight by

Vuillard and Lucy Hassel

oil on board 9 x 9 in £700

Vuillard and Lucy Hassel by

Walking the Dog, London Embankment

oil on board 11 x 11 in £850

Walking the Dog, London Embankment by

Winter Sunset, Cornish Garden

oil on board 24 x 24 in £2200

Winter Sunset, Cornish Garden by

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