Born in 1961 in Casas de Santa Cruz, Cuenca, Spain, Ulpiano studied Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Salamanca. He first exhibited in 1985 at the Cultura, Albaceta Sala Oriente, Yecia, and following a series of mixed exhibitions in Toledo, Madrid and Bilbao, he finally achieved his dream of a one-man exhibition in Barcelona, which was met with critical acclaim and firmly established him as an innovative and sought after colourist in his native Spain. A second one- man exhibition followed in 2001 at the prestigious Gallery Comas in Barcelona, and this brought his work to the attention of the Spanish Museums and to the International Art market. Today his paintings are exhibited in galleries in Paris, New York, Miami, Singapore, London and Hong Kong. He is forging an international reputation, and many museums around the world are acquiring his work. Paintings by Ulpiano Carrasco are in the collections of the Foundation Gregorio Prieto, the Real Academy, Bellas Artes in San Fernando, the Museum del Grabado of Spanish Contemporary Art in Marbella and in the Contemporary Art Museum in Toledo. Works currently in gallery exhibitions include the Gallery Sakoa in Madrid, the Gallery Comas in Barcelona, the Gallery Solano in Albacete, the Gallery Bay Sala in Bilbao, Walker Galleries in Harrogate, and at the prestigious Opera Gallery in Paris, New York, Singapore, Miami, Hong Kong and London.

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Almonds on Stubble


11¾ x 15¾ in


Almonds on Stubble by

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